Personal Attention

At On Center, we believe in personal attention. We also believe in the care and safety of our students. Because we wish to thoroughly review our polices with you in person, we conduct all student registrations on site. However, we encourage you to review the following release and emergency treatment sections outlined below to give you a foundation for your registration session.

Release of Liability

I waive all rights and release all claims that might be had against the On Center Dance, henceforth referred to as the school, its hired or contracted instructors, and their employees and agents, for any and all injuries or losses which may be suffered because of my participation or in any or all enrolled activities with the school, in consideration of permission of the school to participate on the activities. I also realize that dance requires hands-on instruction for proper body placement and development of the muscles.

Emergency Treatment

I consent to my or my child’s/children’s participation in activities/programs registered for, and authorize the school and it’s agents to provide or secure emergency medical treatment for me or my child/children on my behalf. To the best of my knowledge , neither I nor my child/children has a physical or other condition which would interfere with participation in the school’s program.


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