Reid Reimers

Reid Reimers was born and raised in Missoula and holds a Masters Degree in Theatre from the University of Montana.  A 16-year veteran of performing arts education, he has shared his joy and knowledge of theatre with thousands of students both locally and nationally. He’s toured with the Missoula Children’s Theatre, the Montana Rep’s Education Outreach Program, and has taught at countless camps, festivals, workshops and artist-in-residence programs.  Recently Reid spent a year as the Director of Education Outreach for the Fort Peck Performing Arts Project, bringing integrated theatre education to rural schools across Eastern Montana. Beyond teaching, Reid is an experienced performer with dozens of acting credits with MCT, the U of M drama program, the Montana Actors Theatre, and many other companies and independent projects.  Reid is the host for the popular web series SciShow Space, was recently in two feature films (Love Like Gold and The Triangle) and has become a staple in the Missoula Independent’s annual “Best Local Actor” category. When not teaching and performing, Reid is an avid globetrotter and house plant aficionado.

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