Attitude & Dress Code

A proper attitude and proper dance training go hand in hand. We expect that On Center Dance attitude of excellence to be mirrored by our students’ behavior. Hard work, willingness to try, and earnest response to correction and instruction are the hallmarks of a proper attitude. Students are required to adhere to the dress code as outlined. Students who are not dressed appropriately will not be admitted to class.


Beginning Ballet & Junior Ballet: Solid pink leotard
Pre Ap Ballet & Ap Ballet: Solid burgandy leotard
Sr Ballet A/B and pointe: Solid black leotard

All classes must have pink tights and pink ballet shoes. Students may wear pink leg warmers and pink or black skirts or ballet sweaters. No jewelry or other apparel is allowed. Hair must be worn off the neck for class. Students without the appropriate attire or hairdo will not be admitted to class.

Jazz & Tap

Any color leotard and tights is acceptable. Jazz shoes or light sneakers are required. All dance apparel must be clearly labeled with the student’s name. Valuables should not be brought to the studio. A lost and found is located in the dressing room, but the studio cannot be responsible for the lost articles.

Placement & Promotion

Placement of students in the appropriate level of instruction occurs at the discretion of the director. Unlike progress in a public school setting, advancement in ballet is determined by the student’s physical readiness and the ability to master the technical requirements at a given level. Students do not necessarily advance at the same rate according to age. It is not unusual to find a wide range of ages in any given class. All class promotions are on a probationary basis. An evaluation will be conducted during the first month of class and a determination made as the student’s final placement. Parents may only observe class with prior permission of the instructor.

With respect to pointe work, the student’s body type, muscle development and foot shape determine her readiness to begin pointe work, not her age. Once a student begins pointe, the criteria for advancement are determined by the ability to work safely and correctly at pointe.


On Center Dance will award scholarships to students who have shown dedication and commitment, in addition to exceptional talent in all areas of dance offered by the school. At the close of each school year, the Director’s Scholarships are awarded for attendance at the On Center Dance summer program. The summer program offers pre-professional training with nationally known instructors. Scholarships are awarded at the discretion of the director and are based upon talent, attitude and class performance during the school year. Students are also eligible to adjudicate for scholarships to both in-state and national dance schools, offered by the Montana Dance Arts Association each spring. Permission to audition is at the discretion of the director and will be determined by the student’s technical readiness and ability to accept a scholarship if awarded.

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