Studio Location – 2019/2020

Towards the end of our 2018-2019 dance season, you may have heard that we were moving the studio to a new location and that we had to be out of our old studio July 31.  We successfully pulled that off! 😉

We were intending to build new studios inside of the old Mission Mattress building, as we announced in June.  However, we ran into some issues with our “Change of Use” permit which was going to involve us doing over $50,000 in renovation to a space that will all too soon be torn down. With that said, and having already spent $10,000 dollars on a space that won’t work, we have managed to secure some very creative solutions.  We will send you photos of our new studios once we complete the set-up but you will have to stay on the edge of your seats for an exciting show.  Just arrive at Mismo on Sept. 2 and we will have a treat for you!

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