2019-2020 Teacher Lineup

Megan Wiltshire – Director, Mixed Arts, PreAprentice Jazz, Dance Fusion, Jr Jazz, Intro to Jazz 12+

Lindsey Barnard – Tap, Hip Hop, Dance Fusion and Contemporary

Keli Rhea – Music and Mixed Arts, Privates & Company

Reid Reimers – Acting, Privates & Company

Lauren Maes – PreBallet/Tap, Dance Fusion 2, Intro To Jazz 12+ & Privates

Tara McFarland – Intro, Pre-Apprentice, Apprentice, & Senior Ballet, Company & Privates

Isabella Gerrard – Baby Ballet, Pre-Ballet/Tap, Dance Fusion, and Jr. Ballet

Lynnae Giffin – Dance/Gymnastics Combo, Baby Ballet, Pre-Ballet/Tap & Company

Jaiden Hettick – Baby Ballet

Kelley Durbin-Williams – Company & Baby Ballet

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