Student Pick-Up

Happy Friday Everyone!!! 

We just wanted to throw a quick reminder out there to all families that your kiddos need to be picked up on-time. If you are going to be late, PLEASE CALL the studio and let us know. Our number is 406.542.0730 Like our policy states, we are not a daycare and are not in charge of watching your kids before or after class. We understand that running behind schedule happens and that is fine with a quick phone call informing us. If you have a class at the end of the night, remember we close right at 8pm, so please be there on time to pick up your child.

Also, one more reminder that next week is Homecoming Parade Week! Students will learn the parade routine in all classes next week and this will take place in the Broadway studio. There will be a rehearsal at Kiwanis Park 4:30-5 on Friday to practice the dance while moving. If you can’t make it to that rehearsal but you can make it to the parade, that is okay. Parade starts at 10am on Saturday October 14th and we will all meet at 9:30am at a specified meeting place (which we won’t know until next week). We would like everyone to wear a parade T shirt we have for sale in the dance shop, or just wear a plain black T-shirt with jeans! We want EVERYONE to join and families are welcome to walk along with us also! It’s always a lot of fun!  
Thanks everyone! Enjoy your weekend,

On Center Performing Arts

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