Fall Schedule Changes

Hello On Center Families!

We hope that your summer is fantastic so far!! Soak in as much of that Vitamin D as possible! 😉

The Fall ’17 dance semester is right around the corner…can you believe it?! We have been working really hard on finding amazing teachers, hiring them & working out kinks in the schedule. We try not to make any adjustments to the studio schedule after registering students, however sometimes it is necessary. These changes can be made for several reasons.

One reason happened this year. When signing teachers, we sometimes chose to work around their schedules to get them to be able to teach the classes we feel are best for all involved. Please see the below schedule changes we made to Tuesday’s classes.


4pm BJHH

4pm Pre-Ap Ballet

4pm Jr. Tap

5pm Jr. Jazz

5pm Beg. Ballet

5pm Pre-Ap Tap

We have been lucky to get an amazing staff locked in while having to make only a few adjustments. The brochure will be coming out soon so be sure to check all of your class times. 
Thanks so much for your understanding & patience. We know you will be thrilled with our ’17-’18 staff choices!


Your On Center Family

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